Chronicles of the revenant The Stormblades company

Becoming stormblades

Our intrepid heroes found themselves awaiting in the stormblades keep to complete their initiation to the company. A young boy came in and said that his sister had been taken by goblins and that his grandfather went after them and sent him to get the stormblades for help. Dahlia decided that this would be a good test to see if they could actually become members of the elite company. They set off to rescue the old man and his granddaughter. After some short investigating they found themselves at the entrance to an abandoned tomb. When they entered they made their way to a door where they could hear goblins talking on the other side. The halfling bard used his skills to make himself look like a goblin and barged into the room with goblins. The wizard used his magic to make it look like he was being chased. That was enough of a distraction to cause the downfall of the goblins. After a short and ugly fight they made their way further into the tomb where they encountered a trap and managed to get by it. When they finally arrived at the burial chamber they found more goblins, a female in a cage and an old man that was dying. In what amounted to a short but brutal fight they defeated the goblins. The monk and paladin decimated the goblin boss. They rescued the girl and the paladin healed the old man. While leaving the tomb, the wizard wanted to see how the magical trap worked, he got himself fried in the process. He was able to get healed but now has permanent burn scars on his from the fire damage he sustained. After returning to the keep and resting, they met with the leaders of the company and were officially invested as members of the stormblades company. 

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